Christmas is a time of joy and happiness with your family and friends but what we forget to think about sometimes is that life isn’t so great from some. The holidays can be a very difficult and depressing time for some. When you are down on your luck and living on the streets in the cold winter months Christmas must be a very hard time. The Levitation Project is a small company but we try to do some big things when we can.
With most of our team riders and staff having access to outerwear form sponsors and friends it is very easy for us to round up gear that will help people stay warm during these hard times. LP is a not just about powder,helicopters and traveling in search of the epic day. Our brand has been built on gut instinct and nothing else. We just do what feels right….and helping others feel a little bit of Joy during the holidays is one of those instincts. Over the past few months we have stock piled hundreds of hoodies and beanies that were factory seconds or printing seconds along with hundreds of jackets and other essential articles of clothing to battle the cold.
We loaded the truck up tonight until it was overflowing and headed to downtown Salt Lake City the homeless shelter and let some of the less fortunate know that people care about them and want to them to fill what it’s like to get a gift on Christmas day.

There was a line around the block at one of the shelters with homeless people waiting for a meal and a maybe a bed for the night. Most of the people have some sort of jacket or coat but there are a lot that barely have any clothing on and with the cold temps and night approaching it just feels good to know that we just rolled up with hundreds of jackets,pants, base layers,hoodies and beanies the less fortunate get through the night.

Within minutes of the LP rig pulling up people started to clammer to the back of the truck and started pulling out gear. For the most part they were all very helpful to one another and helping one another find the right size or the gear they were looking for.

Within ten minutes the line started to grow and more and more people started piling down the street. There were many familiar faces from the past few clothing drives that we have done. Even better most of them were still wearing their gear from the last time we rolled through.

This homie scored one of our first LP hoodies from years ago and rolled up just to get a beanie. Said he didn’t want to get greedy but he really liked our logo and wanted a beanie. He also scored a new winter jacket. We had more jackets than ever before. Pulling up and seeing the pain and frustration and despair on everyones faces and leaving them with a smile really promotes the Christmas spirit and just feels good.

It’s hard to ignore the reality of how serious the homeless problem is and even more painful when you see a mother to an infant child fighting her way to the front of the line to grab something warmer to wear and fight the cold. It’s images like this that make this a goal of ours to build on this program every season.

The crowd kept rotating through with more and more people taking their turn to get in and grab something. Some even grabbed gifts for others that were either too sick or disabled to walk over.

A few lucky people scored samples that are not even available to the public yet. This guy was Stoked on his new LP balaclava.

LP facemasks are good for everyone in the winter not just shredders trying to avoid choking on pow. This guy was amping on his mask and had it on with in seconds of grabbing it. One of the many smiles we helped happen tonight.

It is troubling to see how young most of these people are. Sure you can blame this issues on drugs and alcohol or other reasons that have led some into this way of life but at the end of the day none of that matters because it’s fucking cold at night and regardless as to why people are sleeping outside in the winter months….they are…and we have the ability to help them get through this troubling time a little better than if we didn’t rally to donate gear.

Another homie that scored a hoodie from our first clothing drive a few years back. This guy has been repping this hoodie for a while and said he stashes it in the summer and digs it up every winter to wear under his jacket to make it a little warmer. LP is more than just a brand and a facebook page!

This woman delegated herself as the distribution manager for the night. It seemed like she knew at least a hundred peoples names in line and just started hooking it up. She jumped into the back of the rig and just started calling out sizes and products. Even called people out who already had a beanie or a jacket. These are real people with real stories and they work together as a team to survive. She was one of the all stars of the night!

It’s crazy to think that people have pride in LP that have never even snowboarded in their life and have never heard of Bode Merrill or any of the other key players in the crew. They just like what we are doing and are proud of the brand and that makes it even more worthwhile to do what we do.

These are faces that will be difficult to forget and will help provide even more motivation to rally more people and get more gear for next year.

Before too long the gear was pretty much gone and just a few people remained to go through the scrapes of sizes. Just leaving us wishing we had a bigger truck and more to give out.

All of us at THE LP would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and just remind you that GIVING IS THE SHIT!!!!
Thanks to everyone that helped make this day happen and participated in keeping these people a little more warm tonight.


Photography by Andrew Miller & Adam Clark
Words by Nico Nolan

For the past 2 months our LP team and staff have been putting in some serious hours at our new compound. With everyone going above and beyond the call of duty there was one team rider that really earned our first “employee of the month” AUSTEN GRANGER. Granger has ridden for LP since day 1. With BODE MERRILL bringing him on within the first week of LP’s shred team being formed. Bode basically said he needed to have Austen be a part of the program if he was going to ride for us. Now 7 years later we have developed bonds the bonds that never break. Our crew is committed!
For over 7 years AUSTEN has repped LP harder than damn near anyone. He has every shirt and hoodie we have ever given him and he pretty much sleeps in his gear like its a 24/7 uniform. He has taken LP from one side of the globe to another. You can’t buy this kind of loyalty! We take care of him and he takes care of us.

With LP starting multiple operations at the same time ranging from a print operation, photo/film studio, retail store and a office space… we were in dire need of round the clock work and randomly during the same week of getting the keys to our new compound Austen showed up asking if we needed any work? Next thing you know weeks/months are flying by and Austen has been logging 12-16 hour days, 7 days a week with 0 complaints. His work skills have ranged from carpentry,construction,weeding stickers, screen printing…you name it. This guy is legit!

From his previous 20 years of making skate board ramps and always building shit having him build our “bowl corner” for the cyclical wall in our new photo studio was hardly a challenge.

building frames for LP PRINTS

Weeding stickers for the rest of the team

Being famous for spending hours upon hours on his sticker jobs for his boards his attention to detail really shined through for anything that needed a meticulous eye.

Being LP’s first EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH we asked him what he wanted to do for his day off of work….Knowing that I had a heavy arsenal of fire arms he asked if we could go blow off a few thousand rounds at the gun range but not just a few thousand rounds of anything. He wanted the full run with some heavy artillery. ” I mean I’ve been fucking it up down here so we should seriously go blow some shit up today…I want to shoot a machine gun…50 Cal..shotguns…pistols…I mean that shit is rad and I want to fuck it up!”

Well if you live in Salt Lake City and “blowing shit up” is a hobby of yours… GET SOME GUNS is where it’s at! We loaded up the arsenal and proceeded to let AUSTEN have one hell of a lunch break.




AMERICA FUCK YEAH…..just rolling out of the gun range on state street. This is the look of one happy employee! AUSTEN GRANGER KILLS IT FOR THE LP!